DRiWATER installs trees for Santa Rosa’s Adopt-a-Median Program

DRiWATER’s corporate staff braved the rain on April 9 th and planted 18 Oak trees in the median of Highway 12 near Los Alomos Road. This project is ideal for DRiWATERs’ unique ability to provide moisture directly to a plant for 90 to 100 days. The trees are 7’ to 8’ tall and were planted with five quarts of DRiWATER. water in gel form, slowly releases moisture directly to the root mass at a controlled rate. The process starts when the product comes in contact with the soil. Bacteria in the soil eat one of the ingredients, slowly releasing the water. DRiWATER can water plants with as little as 5% of the water normally required.

The Oak trees were planted on April 9 th , 1998. DRiWATER will provide all the moisture the trees need for three to three and a half months. At that time, we will replace the quarts of DRiWATER which should get them through the rest of summer.

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