DRiWATER Introduces Innovative Irrigation Product for Interior & Exterior Landscape Professionals

DRiWATER, manufacturer of pioneering water-conservation technology, today announced the introduction of its newest product, the DRiWATER Tube and Insert. DRiWATER, water bound in gel form, has long been used to irrigate plants in the agriculture and revegetation industries around the world. The Tube and Insert will transform the way landscape companies manage risk and control labor costs and will improve the quality of the plant materials they care for.

“When we approached the landscape industry, we expected it to embrace us for our better way of irrigating plants. It turns out that by limiting the liquid water being filled, carried, poured and spilled, we end up saving costs across the board,” says Joseph Paternoster, DRiWATER’s President and CEO. “We knew we could lengthen the time between watering cycles and reduce a plant technicians time per account. What we discovered was that the industry’s high incidence of injury and resulting high insurance costs give our product unique benefits in addition to irrigation. There is no product that can duplicate DRiWATER’s function or form.”

DRiWATER, has recognized the significance of safety to the landscape industry. By reducing the number of times liquid water is handled, a company can minimize the potential for injury to its employees. Wrist and back pain from repetitive activities like watering is a growing concern for employers who must pay workers’ compensation claims. When DRiWATER is part of an irrigation routine, a company can achieve its safety goals and improve its productivity. Having healthy employees with time to improve the quality of more accounts per day gives a landscape company that competitive edge it needs to succeed.

While water spills can also lead to an injury, they may be more likely to damage furniture, equipment, and carpets. Replacement costs can be quite expensive. The DRiWATER Tube & Insert can help solve this ongoing problem. Once the landscaper installs the Tube to the root zone, the end of the Insert is cut off and placed in the Tube, which is then capped. The insert can be easily replaced time after time, lengthening the watering period indefinitely. There is virtually no chance of spilling or damage, and messy soil from runoff is eliminated. It is a quick, clean and efficient method of irrigation for landscape professionals of all kinds.

The Tube and Insert comes in two sizes, making it an effective water source for all types and sizes of plant materials and containers. The three-inch diameter Tube and Insert will irrigate a plant for 90-100 days and the two-inch for 45-60 days. Environmental Care Inc. is using DRiWATER to irrigate some six-foot Italian cypress trees at their facility in San Carlos, California. Interiorscape Manager Marlene Barneveld compares them to others being watered conventionally. “The trees with DRiWATER look identical to the trees we spend time handwatering.” The DRiWATER Tube and Insert supplies the root system with constant moisture, eliminating the stresses of over and under-watering.

DRiWATER Introduces Innovative Irrigation Product for Revegetation and Mitigation

DRiWATER manufacturer of pioneering water technology, today announced the introduction of its newest application method, the DRiWATER Tube and Insert. The Tube is a carefully designed three-inch diameter tube with a cap on the top and a 24° angled cut bottom. The insert contains one quart of DRiWATER which will effectively irrigate a plant for 90 to 100 days without any supplemental irrigation.

The DRiWATER Tube and Insert offers unparalleled irrigation flexibility for commercial users. The Tube can be installed during a fall planting and the Insert can then be placed in the Tube during the spring and summer or whenever water is needed without disturbing the root system.

“When projects call for irrigation in the second year or beyond the labor savings is tremendous, especially in remote areas,” says Harold Jensen, DRiWATER’s Director of Research and Development. “ The cost effectiveness and efficiency of the Tube and Insert will be highly beneficial to Transportation Agencies, Mining companies and large scale projects. As an example, Caltrans will use the DRiWATER Tube and Insert on a bridge construction revegetation project in Calaveras County. The isolated location, severe slope and three-year maintenance period made traditional irrigation methods too costly and cumbersome.”

“The preliminary response from the commercial marketplace on our Tube and Insert product is very positive,” said Joseph Paternoster, DRiWATER’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “The way Caltrans has embraced it indicates our company has recognized the significance of improving survival rates, providing a portable water source and extending the time between site visits. DRiWATER will make revegetation possible in areas otherwise impractical.”

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