DRiWATER Receives Seal of Approval From the National Home Gardening Club

DRiWATER, manufacturer of pioneering water technologies, is pleased to announce that the National Home Gardening Club and DRiWATER have successfully concluded a major national product test of the DRiWATER Tube & Insert. The successful test reflects the need by consumers for clean, efficient, simple, and long lasting methods for irrigating both indoor and outdoor plants. DRiWATER joins Rubbermaid, Craftsman, Makita, and other industry leaders that have received the “Member Tested and Recommended” Seal of Approval of the National Home Gardening Club.

The results of the test will be published in the upcoming March issue of the National Home Gardening Club’s magazine, Gardening How-To. The publication, which has a total readership of over 2.2 million, will showcase the DRiWATER Tube & Insert product which was used for the test. The test itself was conducted by 500 club members in 10 states over a minimum of a one-month period of time. “The strength of this test is that we put our product in the hands of the consumer for a fair and honest evaluation,” says DRiWATER Vice President of Retail Sales, Kevin Marlowe. “The favorable reviews demonstrate we have a product that consumers need and will pay for. When you can save people valuable time for a low cost you have a real winner.”

DRiWATER Introduces a New Generation Product for Hydromulch Applications

DRiWATER, manufacturer of pioneering water technology, today announced the introduction of its newest product, DRiWATER HYDRO MIX.   DRiWATER, known for its patented time-release irrigation products, now brings a high performance tackifying and moisture retaining product to the Erosion Control Industry. DRiWATER also announced that American Excelsior Company, the acknowledged leader in erosion control products, will be the distributor of DRiWATER HYDRO MIX  and all of DRiWATER’s products through its 30 locations nationwide. The new product and strong channel of distribution along with the existing product line,  establishes DRiWATER as a leading innovator in erosion control.

After extensive testing in a variety of weather conditions and types of terrain, results indicate the HYDRO MIX is a significant advancement over existing products. “I have been shooting hydroseed and mulch for 30 years and I have never seen anything that holds mulch and water in place like the DRiWATER HYDRO MIX. We witnessed such amazing results, we knew it was something we should have in our own products,” says Don Lutyens National Product Development Manager for American Excelsior Company, Earth Science Division. The DRiWATER HYDRO MIX is ideal for the full range of applications, from dust control, dry mulch tackifying, hydroseeding, hydromulching, to spraying through blankets, in sandy soil conditions, and its application is not limited by grade of slope.

The product is packaged as dry ingredients and added directly to the slurry. The dispersal is immediate and complete. It mixes like water, sprays like water, yet sticks like glue. The DRiWATER HYDRO MIX transforms liquid, allowing it to penetrate deeply into wood fibers. It not only coats the topsoil with moisture, it penetrates below the surface as well. A tackifier alone cannot do this.

“The DRiWATER HYDRO MIX is a logical extension of our developing water technology portfolio” says Joseph Paternoster, President and CEO. “We have created innovative ways to water plants in even the most remote regions of the world. This takes the process down to the level of seed germination. DRiWATER has an amazing capacity for water retention and we thought by adding it to a hydroseed mix it would maintain moisture longer for better seed germination. The penetrating and lasting  moisture of the DRiWATER HYDRO MIX far exceeded our expectations, but the way it sprayed and held mulch, seed, and water in place on contact indicated we also had an extraordinary tackifier.”

DRiWATER  has recognized the significance of a better tackifier to the industry and brings to market an immediately competitive product. It has superior performance yet is 100% non-toxic, a perfect combination for the green industry. This solution oriented approach to business has led to the success of the entire product line and puts DRiWATER in a class by itself as the most innovative water technology company in the world.

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