DRiWATER Makes Waves on U.S. Environmental Trade Mission to Middle East

When the Middle East business mission to Egypt, Israel, The West Bank, and Jordan left from the United States earlier this year, The California Trade & Commerce Agency Environmental Technology Export Program had high hopes of imparting the latest in U.S. water technology to the desert region. While eighteen U.S. companies held a total of more than 500 meetings in 12 days to exchange water technology with business and government leaders, one California company, DRiWATER, was thrust into the spotlight. DRiWATER’s unique time-release water captured the attention of ministers and government officials, as well as The Peres Center for Peace.

DRiWATER, manufacturer of pioneering water conservation technology, was asked by the California Trade and Commerce Agency to be a delegate company on this high-level trade mission. Although the trade mission was intended as a water technology exchange, it quickly became apparent that DRiWATER had more to offer than their patented time-release gel. “We expected DRiWATER to make an impact on the Trade Mission because their time-release water is ideal for growing agriculture, revegetating desert lands, and saving water waste in the region,” said Tim Ogburn, Program Manager for the California Trade and Commerce Agency. “The Trade Mission participants in Egypt, Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan were so impressed by DRiWATER’s new water technology that the discussion was elevated to the level of using DRiWATER as a means to further the peace process itself.”

The officials at the Peres Center for Peace in Israel have made arrangements to tour several large DRiWATER planting sites in Egypt. The intent is to integrate the use of DRiWATER into their current projects, which include major plantings of strawberries, tomatoes, a forestation effort and others. Professor Samuel Pohoryles, Director of the Andreas Agricultural Development Trust of the Peres Center For Peace writes, “Agriculture is a genuine and unique peace-producing activity and agricultural cooperation in the Middle East in the last 20 years has created a prototype of cooperation between former enemies.”

DRiWATER took the lead in this mission from day one. The energy and enthusiasm of the DRiWATER executives was surpassed only by the excitement of the ministers and officials who they met with. The water saving capability of DRiWATER fits right in line with the regional goal of greening and reclaiming the deserts with the minimum use of natural resources

Participants in the trade mission included:

Egyptian Ministry of Environment, Ms Nadia Makram Ebeid US Ambassador to Egypt, Daniel C. Kurtzer US Ambassador to Jordan, William Burns Consul General Ms. Hagar Islambouly, Consulate General of Egypt, Western States Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Environment Deputy Chief of the US Mission to Israel Eran Etzion, Consul of Israel, Consulate General of Israel, Pacific Northwest Dr. Abdel Reheem Shehata, Governor of Cairo US Agency of International Development (USAID) Peres Center For Peace, Israel The World Bank Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation Palestinian Water Authority United Nations Development Program (UNDP) United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)

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