DRiWATER Provides Relief to Drought-Stricken Regions

DRiWATER, manufacturer of pioneering water-conservation technology, is bringing relief to gardeners, homeowners, and farmers who are struggling to keep their plants alive while practicing responsible water management.  DRiWATER, manufactures DRiWATER, water bound in gel form, that slowly releases moisture into soil over time. The product, which comes in several convenient packages, is used to irrigate plants in commercial and retail markets.

As drought conditions are expected to persist well into the fall in some areas and a dry “ winter also looms ahead, DRiWATER’s technology can be a savior for growers of all kinds. “There are many compelling reasons to use DRiWATER for the irrigation of plants, but when water is scarce or limited it should be the clear choice”, says Joseph Paternoster, President and Chief Executive Officer. “All the results over the years indicate that a Driwatered plant will use 85% to 90% less water than conventional irrigation methods. This should make the Water Agencies around the country, especially those in water scarce areas, very happy.”

The DRiWATER packages are placed directly at the root mass of a plant, eliminating evaporation, runoff, leaching and other wasteful consequences of traditional irrigation. Because DRiWATER consists of 98% water and 2% vegetable gum (the same ingredient found in mayonnaise) it is environmentally friendly and is a significant improvement over synthetic and potentially toxic products such as polymers. The naturally occurring bacteria in the soil breaks down the vegetable gum at a constant rate supplying the roots with 24 hour a-day moisture regardless of ambient temperature. A one-quart quantity of DRiWATER will water for three months, so users not only conserve water but also save considerable time spent watering.

CNN Reports on DRiWATER

DRiWATER, manufacturer of time-release water and pioneering water conservation technology, today announced that the San Francisco bureau of CNN has completed the filming of a story on the fast growing environmental company that will air beginning this Friday July, 2nd.

On Tuesday June 29th, the CNN crew met with DRiWATER executives at their manufacturing facility in Petaluma, CA. Interviews were conducted with President & CEO, Joseph Paternoster, and Director of Research & Development, Harold Jensen. The crew then filmed the production line inside the factory and a showcase DRiWATER garden nearby.

The CNN crew then continued into Santa Rosa, CA, where they interviewed Daniel Neff, Santa Rosa City Parks Superintendent. The interview site was at an adopt-a-median location where the city is using DRiWATER to establish oak trees in a highway median. The final portion of the report took place at a vineyard in Sonoma, CA where Buchanan Ranch Management was installing several thousand quarts of DRiWATER. CNN interviewed James Walker, the vineyard manager and filmed workers using DRiWATER.

The CNN report is part of swelling national and international media interest that includes a recent PBS segment aired on The California Heartland program. DRiWATER was also the focus of a segment on ARTE, a widely viewed European station, which generated interest from Germany, France, Holland, and Belgium.

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