DRiWATER Makes a Splash on Home Shopping Network

DRiWATER, manufacture of pioneering water technologies and QVC® , The Home Shopping Network ® are pleased to report an extremely successful first appearance airing of the innovative time-release product.

As a first appearance, DRiWATER did not get slated with a premium time slot. The appearance was at 7:30 a.m. East Coast time, nonetheless it completely sold out within minutes. (Quote from QVC Executive)

DRiWATER joined the likes of Rubbermaid ® , Craftsman ® , Rootwell ® , and others by receiving the Seal of Approval of the National home Gardening Club earlier this year. The phenomenal results on QVC® and the member tested seal of approval of the N.H.G.C., indicates DRiWATER is a great product for avid gardeners as well as regular consumers looking for convenience in watering their indoor and outdoor plants. ” We expected to sell out, but when they spoke in the earpiece to say they were taking me off after ten minutes, I thought I did something wrong. It turns out they just had nothing else to sell” says Kevin Marlowe, Vice President of Retail Sales.

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