Governor Davis Announces California-based DRiWATER Receives Orders of $4.8 Million

Governor Gray Davis today announced that DRiWATER a California-based company, has received orders of $4.8 million in sales from Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. An additional $25 million in sales is pending. Faced with chronic water shortages, these countries have turned to Santa Rosa-based DRiWATER to irrigate certain crops in vast regions of land previously inaccessible to conventional irrigation, utilizing its time-release water and pioneering water conservation technologies.

“I am very pleased that DRiWATER will be able to bring its important environmental technology to water-starved regions,” said Governor Davis. “California continues to be a leader in environmental technology, and DRiWATER is bringing the right solutions at the right time to the region. The problem of water scarcity has plagued the Middle East for centuries. I am glad that a California company is having a profound impact on providing jobs, and contributing a cooperative, peaceful, and practical technology to an age-old problem.”

Egypt currently ranks as California’s forth-second largest export market, with 1998 exports totalling $199 million. In recent months, California has taken significant steps to increase trade and investment partnerships with Egypt. This past February, the California Trade and Commerce Agency, in cooperation with the US Department of Commerce, organized a trade mission to Egypt for 14 California environmental technology companies. As a result of that effort, DRiWATER, Inc. has signed agreements with groups in Saudi Arabia and Jordan for initial orders of 1 million liters and 2 million liters respectively.

The agreement marks the beginning of a major effort by the three countries to use DRiWATER to re-vegetate their deserts, grow food, provide jobs and conserve water that would otherwise be lost to the leaching, runoff and evaporation of conventional irrigation methods.

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