Shimon Peres to Visit DRiWATER

Mr. Shimon Peres, former Prime Minister of Israel and founder of the Peres Center for Peace, will visit Santa Rosa-based DRiWATER in early January. Mr. Peres will tour the factory to observe the latest technological advances in time-release water. He will also be the first person of the region to be introduced to a new mobile production unit that will manufacture DRiWATER on site.

Mr. Peres and the Peres Center for Peace organize cooperative agricultural and environmental projects that aid developing regions by introducing modern technologies to compensate for natural- resource limitations. DRiWATER began discussions with the Peres Center for Peace while on an environmental trade mission to the Middle East in February 1999. The meeting in January 2000 is a continuation of those talks with an emphasis on projects in Palestine. The common objective is to improve relations between nations through projects that benefit the environment and conserve water. “We all agree that DRiWATER’s new technology can provide jobs, improve the environment, and grow food to reduce starvation”, said Joseph Paternoster, President/CEO of DRiWATER, Inc. DRiWATER’s technology will allow vegetation to be grown in areas that were otherwise useless due to lack of water.

WHEN: January 12th, 13th, or 14th

WHERE: DRiWATER, Inc. 50 Old Courthouse Square, Suite 606, Santa Rosa, CA

WHO: Shimon Peres, former Prime Minister of Israel Joseph Paternoster, President/CEO DRiWATER

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