Bob Tanem Loves DriWater

Bob Tanem, the World’s Happiest Gardner, welcomed Joe Paternoster from DriWater to his radio show on KSFO 560 AM Sunday morning. Bob was sure happy that he ran into DriWater’s exhibit booth at the Garden Writers conference in Tuscan, AZ. Bob had used DriWater many times in the past and wanted to see what was new.

Bobby and Joe discussed different uses of the technology and some worldwide projects where DriWater is being used to water trees.  Whether you are going on vacation and need someone to water your plants or establishing native trees in deserts to stabilize soils, DriWater’s slow release water is the perfect product for the job.

DriWater has been working with non profits to establish street trees in urban areas.  These projects are valuable to our communities and DriWater is ideal for these plantings. Providing water and nutrients during the initial establishment phase will ensure healthy trees for years to come.

Bob and Joe also discussed how DriWater is great for watering your Poinsettias during the holiday season. If you put two gel pacs on your poinsettia at Thanksgiving, your plant will be watered until Christmas. No more leaking, watering spills, wilting Poinsettias and then having to replace it before your holdiay guests arrive. It’s very convenient and easy to use.

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