Canopy – A non-profit organization that promotes tree planting and care in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto and neighboring communities, Canopy selects drought-tolerant species that require no irrigation after a three-year establishment period. Their East Palo Alto Tree Initiative planted 1,000 trees in East Palo Alto, adding 20% to the City’s street tree urban forest. Their “Healthy Trees, Healthy Kids!” initiative planted 1,000 trees at local schools over the past three years. Canopy engages more than 1,500 volunteers each year, stressing water conservation at all stages of urban forestry: landscape design, species selection, irrigation choices and tree care. Their programs ensure that urban trees continue to provide water-related benefits, such as saving water as their shade slows evaporation from landscaped areas, diffusing rainfall, reducing runoff, recharging groundwater and preventing harmful herbicides and fertilizers from entering waterways. A recent Canopy innovation includes using DriWater gel that delivers water to young trees at one-tenth the amount supplied by conventional irrigation. Canopy also successfully advocated for improving recycled water quality from the local wastewater treatment facility to reduce salinity to levels suitable for the irrigation of most landscape trees.

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