FWS Planting: Elkhorn Slough, Watsonville, CA

These are photos from a project at Elkhorn Slough, Watsonville, CA.  DriWater worked with Fish and Wildlife Service to add DriWater to oak trees planted a week earlier.  The FSW is seeing a bigger need for DriWater due to the California drought.


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The DRiWATER Garden

Joe, owner of DRiWATER, is watering the DRiWATER garden for only the 4th time this year! People normally water a garden every day or so. Can you believe how much water we saved while being able to donate over 1,500 pounds of produce to local food banks.

August 28th 4th watering of summer

The DriWater Garden

Did you know that DriWater is the perfect choice for watering your vegetable garden? Each year the DriWater garden produces 3,000 to 5,000 pounds of vegetables that are donated to our
local food mission.

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DRiWATER Donated for 20 New Trees

Twenty new sidewalk trees will be planted along the 5200-5400 blocks of southern Claremont Avenue in Rockridge, Oakland, CA this month. The project is coordinated by Scenic Streets, the local volunteer group who landscaped the nearby highway ramps last year.

The new trees will be provided a steady supply of water from a sophisticated aqueous gel donated by DRiWATER of Santa Rosa. Scenic Streets volunteers will periodically fill upright underground pipes with the company’s biodegradable goo which slowly releases water to the tree’s root system over a period of weeks. The product is ideal for sites where using a garden hose isn’t convenient.

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