Canopy receives prestigious Water Conservation Award using DriWater


Canopy – A non-profit organization that promotes tree planting and care in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto and neighboring communities, Canopy selects drought-tolerant species that require no irrigation after a three-year establishment period. Their East Palo Alto Tree Initiative planted 1,000 trees in East Palo Alto, adding 20% to the City’s street tree urban forest. Their “Healthy Trees, Healthy Kids!” initiative planted 1,000 trees at local schools over the past three years. Canopy engages more than 1,500 volunteers each year, stressing water conservation at all stages of urban forestry: landscape design, species selection, irrigation choices and tree care. Their programs ensure that urban trees continue to provide water-related benefits, such as saving water as their shade slows evaporation from landscaped areas, diffusing rainfall, reducing runoff, recharging groundwater and preventing harmful herbicides and fertilizers from entering waterways. A recent Canopy innovation includes using DriWater gel that delivers water to young trees at one-tenth the amount supplied by conventional irrigation. Canopy also successfully advocated for improving recycled water quality from the local wastewater treatment facility to reduce salinity to levels suitable for the irrigation of most landscape trees.

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Shimon Peres to Visit DRiWATER

Mr. Shimon Peres, former Prime Minister of Israel and founder of the Peres Center for Peace, will visit Santa Rosa-based DRiWATER in early January. Mr. Peres will tour the factory to observe the latest technological advances in time-release water. He will also be the first person of the region to be introduced to a new mobile production unit that will manufacture DRiWATER on site.

Mr. Peres and the Peres Center for Peace organize cooperative agricultural and environmental projects that aid developing regions by introducing modern technologies to compensate for natural- resource limitations. DRiWATER began discussions with the Peres Center for Peace while on an environmental trade mission to the Middle East in February 1999. The meeting in January 2000 is a continuation of those talks with an emphasis on projects in Palestine. The common objective is to improve relations between nations through projects that benefit the environment and conserve water. “We all agree that DRiWATER’s new technology can provide jobs, improve the environment, and grow food to reduce starvation”, said Joseph Paternoster, President/CEO of DRiWATER, Inc. DRiWATER’s technology will allow vegetation to be grown in areas that were otherwise useless due to lack of water.

WHEN: January 12th, 13th, or 14th

WHERE: DRiWATER, Inc. 50 Old Courthouse Square, Suite 606, Santa Rosa, CA

WHO: Shimon Peres, former Prime Minister of Israel Joseph Paternoster, President/CEO DRiWATER

Harold Jensen, R&D Director at DRiWATER Receives Nomination for Stockholm Water Prize

DRiWATER, manufacturer of pioneering water conservation technology, today announced that Director of Research and Development, Mr. Harold Jensen, has received a nomination for the Stockholm Water Prize. In celebrating its ten-year jubilee,

The Stockholm Water Foundation will announce the Water Prize Laureate in March 2000 in connection with the United Nations World Day for Water. The Stockholm Water Prize is awarded to an institution, organization, private individual or company that has made a substantial contribution to the conservation of the world’s water resources, with emphasis on the last ten years.

“DRiWATER is an irrigation innovation that goes a long way towards maximizing water’s productivity. If water scarce countries begin to integrate DRiWATER into their existing irrigation scheme, they will save millions of gallons of water a year.” says Mr. Jensen. “I am honored to receive this nomination and hope that it will contribute to a new era in water conservation.”

Mr. Jensen has devoted the last ten years to DRiWATER. He has perfected the manufacturing process, designed new application methods, and has spread DRiWATER’s use to more than 30 countries.

Governor Davis Announces California-based DRiWATER Receives Orders of $4.8 Million

Governor Gray Davis today announced that DRiWATER a California-based company, has received orders of $4.8 million in sales from Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. An additional $25 million in sales is pending. Faced with chronic water shortages, these countries have turned to Santa Rosa-based DRiWATER to irrigate certain crops in vast regions of land previously inaccessible to conventional irrigation, utilizing its time-release water and pioneering water conservation technologies.

“I am very pleased that DRiWATER will be able to bring its important environmental technology to water-starved regions,” said Governor Davis. “California continues to be a leader in environmental technology, and DRiWATER is bringing the right solutions at the right time to the region. The problem of water scarcity has plagued the Middle East for centuries. I am glad that a California company is having a profound impact on providing jobs, and contributing a cooperative, peaceful, and practical technology to an age-old problem.”

Egypt currently ranks as California’s forth-second largest export market, with 1998 exports totalling $199 million. In recent months, California has taken significant steps to increase trade and investment partnerships with Egypt. This past February, the California Trade and Commerce Agency, in cooperation with the US Department of Commerce, organized a trade mission to Egypt for 14 California environmental technology companies. As a result of that effort, DRiWATER, Inc. has signed agreements with groups in Saudi Arabia and Jordan for initial orders of 1 million liters and 2 million liters respectively.

The agreement marks the beginning of a major effort by the three countries to use DRiWATER to re-vegetate their deserts, grow food, provide jobs and conserve water that would otherwise be lost to the leaching, runoff and evaporation of conventional irrigation methods.

DRiWATER Makes a Splash on Home Shopping Network

DRiWATER, manufacture of pioneering water technologies and QVC® , The Home Shopping Network ® are pleased to report an extremely successful first appearance airing of the innovative time-release product.

As a first appearance, DRiWATER did not get slated with a premium time slot. The appearance was at 7:30 a.m. East Coast time, nonetheless it completely sold out within minutes. (Quote from QVC Executive)

DRiWATER joined the likes of Rubbermaid ® , Craftsman ® , Rootwell ® , and others by receiving the Seal of Approval of the National home Gardening Club earlier this year. The phenomenal results on QVC® and the member tested seal of approval of the N.H.G.C., indicates DRiWATER is a great product for avid gardeners as well as regular consumers looking for convenience in watering their indoor and outdoor plants. ” We expected to sell out, but when they spoke in the earpiece to say they were taking me off after ten minutes, I thought I did something wrong. It turns out they just had nothing else to sell” says Kevin Marlowe, Vice President of Retail Sales.

DRiWATER Provides Relief to Drought-Stricken Regions

DRiWATER, manufacturer of pioneering water-conservation technology, is bringing relief to gardeners, homeowners, and farmers who are struggling to keep their plants alive while practicing responsible water management.  DRiWATER, manufactures DRiWATER, water bound in gel form, that slowly releases moisture into soil over time. The product, which comes in several convenient packages, is used to irrigate plants in commercial and retail markets.

As drought conditions are expected to persist well into the fall in some areas and a dry “ winter also looms ahead, DRiWATER’s technology can be a savior for growers of all kinds. “There are many compelling reasons to use DRiWATER for the irrigation of plants, but when water is scarce or limited it should be the clear choice”, says Joseph Paternoster, President and Chief Executive Officer. “All the results over the years indicate that a Driwatered plant will use 85% to 90% less water than conventional irrigation methods. This should make the Water Agencies around the country, especially those in water scarce areas, very happy.”

The DRiWATER packages are placed directly at the root mass of a plant, eliminating evaporation, runoff, leaching and other wasteful consequences of traditional irrigation. Because DRiWATER consists of 98% water and 2% vegetable gum (the same ingredient found in mayonnaise) it is environmentally friendly and is a significant improvement over synthetic and potentially toxic products such as polymers. The naturally occurring bacteria in the soil breaks down the vegetable gum at a constant rate supplying the roots with 24 hour a-day moisture regardless of ambient temperature. A one-quart quantity of DRiWATER will water for three months, so users not only conserve water but also save considerable time spent watering.

CNN Reports on DRiWATER

DRiWATER, manufacturer of time-release water and pioneering water conservation technology, today announced that the San Francisco bureau of CNN has completed the filming of a story on the fast growing environmental company that will air beginning this Friday July, 2nd.

On Tuesday June 29th, the CNN crew met with DRiWATER executives at their manufacturing facility in Petaluma, CA. Interviews were conducted with President & CEO, Joseph Paternoster, and Director of Research & Development, Harold Jensen. The crew then filmed the production line inside the factory and a showcase DRiWATER garden nearby.

The CNN crew then continued into Santa Rosa, CA, where they interviewed Daniel Neff, Santa Rosa City Parks Superintendent. The interview site was at an adopt-a-median location where the city is using DRiWATER to establish oak trees in a highway median. The final portion of the report took place at a vineyard in Sonoma, CA where Buchanan Ranch Management was installing several thousand quarts of DRiWATER. CNN interviewed James Walker, the vineyard manager and filmed workers using DRiWATER.

The CNN report is part of swelling national and international media interest that includes a recent PBS segment aired on The California Heartland program. DRiWATER was also the focus of a segment on ARTE, a widely viewed European station, which generated interest from Germany, France, Holland, and Belgium.

DRiWATER Makes Waves on U.S. Environmental Trade Mission to Middle East

When the Middle East business mission to Egypt, Israel, The West Bank, and Jordan left from the United States earlier this year, The California Trade & Commerce Agency Environmental Technology Export Program had high hopes of imparting the latest in U.S. water technology to the desert region. While eighteen U.S. companies held a total of more than 500 meetings in 12 days to exchange water technology with business and government leaders, one California company, DRiWATER, was thrust into the spotlight. DRiWATER’s unique time-release water captured the attention of ministers and government officials, as well as The Peres Center for Peace.

DRiWATER, manufacturer of pioneering water conservation technology, was asked by the California Trade and Commerce Agency to be a delegate company on this high-level trade mission. Although the trade mission was intended as a water technology exchange, it quickly became apparent that DRiWATER had more to offer than their patented time-release gel. “We expected DRiWATER to make an impact on the Trade Mission because their time-release water is ideal for growing agriculture, revegetating desert lands, and saving water waste in the region,” said Tim Ogburn, Program Manager for the California Trade and Commerce Agency. “The Trade Mission participants in Egypt, Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan were so impressed by DRiWATER’s new water technology that the discussion was elevated to the level of using DRiWATER as a means to further the peace process itself.”

The officials at the Peres Center for Peace in Israel have made arrangements to tour several large DRiWATER planting sites in Egypt. The intent is to integrate the use of DRiWATER into their current projects, which include major plantings of strawberries, tomatoes, a forestation effort and others. Professor Samuel Pohoryles, Director of the Andreas Agricultural Development Trust of the Peres Center For Peace writes, “Agriculture is a genuine and unique peace-producing activity and agricultural cooperation in the Middle East in the last 20 years has created a prototype of cooperation between former enemies.”

DRiWATER took the lead in this mission from day one. The energy and enthusiasm of the DRiWATER executives was surpassed only by the excitement of the ministers and officials who they met with. The water saving capability of DRiWATER fits right in line with the regional goal of greening and reclaiming the deserts with the minimum use of natural resources

Participants in the trade mission included:

Egyptian Ministry of Environment, Ms Nadia Makram Ebeid US Ambassador to Egypt, Daniel C. Kurtzer US Ambassador to Jordan, William Burns Consul General Ms. Hagar Islambouly, Consulate General of Egypt, Western States Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Environment Deputy Chief of the US Mission to Israel Eran Etzion, Consul of Israel, Consulate General of Israel, Pacific Northwest Dr. Abdel Reheem Shehata, Governor of Cairo US Agency of International Development (USAID) Peres Center For Peace, Israel The World Bank Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation Palestinian Water Authority United Nations Development Program (UNDP) United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)

DRiWATER Plants Two-millionth Tree in Sahara Desert

DRiWATER, manufacturer of pioneering water-conservation technology, today announced the completed planting of 2 million DRiWATER irrigated trees in a single development outside Cairo, Egypt. The company, which ultimately will plant over 17 million trees in the development, also announced it has been invited by the United States Trade and Commerce Agency to lead a trade delegation to Egypt for a water technology exchange. Both milestones reflect the growing interest of water-poor regions, both in the U.S. and abroad, in DRiWATER’s extremely efficient and environmentally safe form of plant irrigation.

“DRiWATER is bringing water-dependent vegetation to regions that formerly could only dream of such growth, and Egypt is leading the way by embracing our technology” said Joseph Paternoster, President and Chief Executive Officer. “There is no greater proof of DRiWATER’s capabilities than to see 2 million trees suddenly bloom in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Whether it is increased potential for economic development, reduced water and labor costs or improved living conditions, the benefits of DRiWATER are revolutionizing the way the world uses water.”

Egypt is using DRiWATER gel to grow eucalyptus, acacia, olive, mesquite, gazira, ficus and orange trees in and around its new Sixth of October city development. The two-millionth tree marks significant progress in the massive project, which calls for DRiWATER to plant and irrigate more than 17 million trees over 35,000 acres.

DRiWATER is also pleased to announce the introduction of Hydroseeding technology and the DRiWATER HYDRO MIX to the Egyptian trade delegates. This technology allows for seeds, water and DRiWATER to be shot from a vehicle hundreds of feet through the air to plant sandy slopes with grass. This technology is destined to alter the way the region grows grass and controls the movement of sand. The DRiWATER technology will provide cost savings and maximum environmental benefit to the country of Egypt.

DRiWATER Receives Seal of Approval From the National Home Gardening Club

DRiWATER, manufacturer of pioneering water technologies, is pleased to announce that the National Home Gardening Club and DRiWATER have successfully concluded a major national product test of the DRiWATER Tube & Insert. The successful test reflects the need by consumers for clean, efficient, simple, and long lasting methods for irrigating both indoor and outdoor plants. DRiWATER joins Rubbermaid, Craftsman, Makita, and other industry leaders that have received the “Member Tested and Recommended” Seal of Approval of the National Home Gardening Club.

The results of the test will be published in the upcoming March issue of the National Home Gardening Club’s magazine, Gardening How-To. The publication, which has a total readership of over 2.2 million, will showcase the DRiWATER Tube & Insert product which was used for the test. The test itself was conducted by 500 club members in 10 states over a minimum of a one-month period of time. “The strength of this test is that we put our product in the hands of the consumer for a fair and honest evaluation,” says DRiWATER Vice President of Retail Sales, Kevin Marlowe. “The favorable reviews demonstrate we have a product that consumers need and will pay for. When you can save people valuable time for a low cost you have a real winner.”

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