Our PT System waters while you are away

DriWater is water bound into a gel with food grade binders. When the gel comes in contact with the soil, it slowly breaks down and turns back into water. This time release systems keeps the soil moist without the water evaporating or running away from the roots of your plant.

The Small PT Delivery was designed for

  • Indoor Pots
  • Waters up to 30 days
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Ficus Trees
  • Permanent Watering
  • Outdoor Small Plants

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Water plant thoroughly before applying DriWater
  2. Dig a hole that is at least 2” in diameter, place tube in hole, leaving the top of the tube above the soil line. Lightly water inside the tube.
  3. Carefully cut open the Gel Pac and remove the gel from the plastic casing. Dip the gel in water so it slides easily into the tube. The gel should go to the bottom of the tube and be in contact with the soil. Place cap on tube.
  4. When the tube is empty refill as needed.

How much do you use?

Plant Size (Inches) # of DRiWATER’s
8″ 1
10″ 2
12″ 2-3
15″ 3
18″ 3-5
20″ 4-6

As every plant has different water requirements and every house is kept at different temperatures, we have created a standardized chart. Keep in mind that if your plant is in direct sunlight it probably will require more water. The more you become familiar with the product, the easier it gets deciding on the quantities your house plants will want.

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