The DRiWATER Quart

DriWater is water bound into a gel with food grade binders.  When the gel comes in contact with the soil, it slowly breaks down and turns back into water.  This time release systems keeps the soil moist without the water evaporating or running away from the roots of your plant.

Economical Outdoor Watering

  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Waters up to 90 days
  • Degradable Carton
  • Vacation Watering

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Water thoroughly before applying DriWater
  2. Carefully cut the bottom off the Quart carton, where indicated, exposing the DriWater Gel.  Place plant in hole and install the Quart as shown.
  3. The bottom of the Quart should be directly against the root mass.  When using multiple Quarts, place at equal distances around the plant.  Backfill the hole with soil.
  4. Water plant thoroughly.  Enjoy!

How much do you use?

We suggest 1 Quart per foot height of plant.

Container Size # of Quarts Supplemental Watering
1 Gallon 1-2 Installation & +/-30 Days
3 Gallon 3-4 Installation & +/-30 Days
5 Gallon 5-6 Installation & +/-30 Days

As every plant has different water requirements and every house is kept at different temperatures, we have created a standardized chart. Keep in mind that if your plant is in direct sunlight it probably will require more water. The more you become familiar with the product, the easier it gets deciding on the quantities your house plants will want.

Hints & Tips

  1. Cut quart carton in ½ for approximately 45 days of moisture
  2. Slice one end of carton off and apply opened gel to soil, this will last approximately 30 days
  3. To totally bury the quart carton, instead of cutting the bottom off the carton, cut the gable top off, this will allow the quart to be buried deeper hiding the carton.

A few questions we are asked by homeowners:

What if my child or pet eats DriWater?

DriWater is all natural and mostly harmless to pets and humans.  If DriWater is eaten, indigestion may occur. 

Can you overwater using DriWater?

If you are watering indoor potted plants in addition to using DriWater there is a chance of overwatering. 

Why do some plants need additional water and others do not?

Flowers, Vegetables and some potted plants have high water requirements, when you use DriWater on these types of plants it becomes a supplement to the watering. 

When I opened my order one of the gel pacs had opened, what do I do?

Occasionally the box your order arrived in has been well abused by the delivery company.  The product can be used right away or you can use kitchen wrap to cover the opened area if you are using within a week.  If you are not using the product right away, call DriWater. 

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