The neighbors will be envious of your flower garden

Keeping your flowers hydrated in the past was a daily chore. Using DriWater keeps the watering to a minimum and frees up some time for you to enjoy the blooms. DriWater is virtually hidden but your flowers are getting all the moisture they crave. With many water restrictions today, DriWater allows you to continue to have beautiful flowers without wasting water.

Products for Flowers

3″ PT Delivery System

  • Waters up to 30 days
  • Use in ground or in pots
  • Refillable Tube
  • Thirsty plants and hanging baskets

Solid Tube & Gel Pac

  • Waters up to 90 days
  • Refillable Tube
  • Use for pots or in-ground plants
  • Perfect for curbside plantings

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