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  1. Darrin McKeever says:

    I have used Dri water since 2002 when i learned about it on a PBS show special about agriculture in Egypt. Originally I found it hard to obtain and had to go to Rainbird international to acquire some, I ended up buying multiple cases of the 90 day supply cartons. I’ve used Dri water to grow annuals , perennials , cacti , succulents and a few species of tree’s. All of my growing took place in Imperial county California with a average temperature of 51-120 F with a max rainfall of 6″ and a average 4-9% humidity. My ranch is about 26 miles from the closest water source or town/neighbor. Using 4-6 90 day supply cartons and approx 5 gallons of water (per plant)I was able to grow vegetables full season with plentiful harvest. I also used other water conservation tricks such as Polymer crystals and placing plastic pans at the bottoms of each grow hole. I always watered through the Dri water tube (provided with the 30 day supply) to allow water to penetrate deeper into the soil to avoid evaporation. For smaller plants such as cacti and succulents I made my own water tubes and would use smaller amounts of Dri water on a Bi annual basis, Using a max for 8 ounces of water per plant / per year (not counting natural rainfall water supply) . I would water the day I applied Dri water and about 2 weeks later. I’m sharing my experience to help spread the use of this product. I consider my ranch to be as hostile of a desert environment as the USA has to offer (Colorado Desert CA). I’m pretty thankful a product like this exist , Thanks Guys 🙂

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