The DriWater Garden

Did you know that DriWater is the perfect choice for watering your vegetable garden? Each year the DriWater garden produces 3,000 to 5,000 pounds of vegetables that are donated to our
local food mission.

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Arbor Week 2013

California’s Arbor Week (March 7-14, 2013) is just around the corner.
To support organizations involved in tree plantings DriWater is offering DriWater time
release water at no charge for qualifying groups. DriWater is all natural, biodegradable
and help young plants thrive in their environments. Our product has been used in
habitat restoration both nationally and around the world.

Many Arbor Week plantings are volunteer based and in neighborhoods or streetscapes
that may not have access to permanent irrigation. DriWater provides an effective
solution for providing around the clock moisture for establishment of saplings and small

Each qualifying organization will receive 3 cases (60 units) DriWater quarts. The Quart
can provide up to 90 days of continuous watering to establish native plants.
For an application to receive your 3 free cases of DriWater, call or send an email.
DriWater 1042 Hopper Avenue Santa Rosa CA 95403

Native Plant Establishment in the Late Summer

A variety of Oak trees planted in August 2009 at one-foot tall, stand between 10’ and 20’ tall. This study focuses on the success of planting in late summer providing ample moisture with TRWG-Z until the rainy season. This regimen provides a period for root growth and carbohydrate reserves so plants can survive through the following growing season.

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Bob Tanem Loves DriWater

Bob Tanem, the World’s Happiest Gardner, welcomed Joe Paternoster from DriWater to his radio show on KSFO 560 AM Sunday morning. Bob was sure happy that he ran into DriWater’s exhibit booth at the Garden Writers conference in Tuscan, AZ. Bob had used DriWater many times in the past and wanted to see what was new.

Bobby and Joe discussed different uses of the technology and some worldwide projects where DriWater is being used to water trees.  Whether you are going on vacation and need someone to water your plants or establishing native trees in deserts to stabilize soils, DriWater’s slow release water is the perfect product for the job.

DriWater has been working with non profits to establish street trees in urban areas.  These projects are valuable to our communities and DriWater is ideal for these plantings. Providing water and nutrients during the initial establishment phase will ensure healthy trees for years to come.

Bob and Joe also discussed how DriWater is great for watering your Poinsettias during the holiday season. If you put two gel pacs on your poinsettia at Thanksgiving, your plant will be watered until Christmas. No more leaking, watering spills, wilting Poinsettias and then having to replace it before your holdiay guests arrive. It’s very convenient and easy to use.

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DRiWATER Donated for 20 New Trees

Twenty new sidewalk trees will be planted along the 5200-5400 blocks of southern Claremont Avenue in Rockridge, Oakland, CA this month. The project is coordinated by Scenic Streets, the local volunteer group who landscaped the nearby highway ramps last year.

The new trees will be provided a steady supply of water from a sophisticated aqueous gel donated by DRiWATER of Santa Rosa. Scenic Streets volunteers will periodically fill upright underground pipes with the company’s biodegradable goo which slowly releases water to the tree’s root system over a period of weeks. The product is ideal for sites where using a garden hose isn’t convenient.

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DRiWATER Featured at Russia’s Largest Lawn and Garden Show

DRiWATER has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Live Plants, LLC. based in Moscow, Russia. “We believe the market conditions are right to introduce DRiWATER for the indoor and outdoor plant watering sectors.” said Marina Schneiderman, partner in Live Plants, LLC. “Our relationships in Russia will provide an efficient path to introduce this unique and patented technology.”

Live Plants, LLC. is featuring DRiWATER at the FLOWERS IPM-2012 Exhibition in Moscow. This is the largest Lawn and Garden show in Russia. “I spoke with our partners after the first day of the show and they said, “WOW, the product drew more attention than any other product and we were extremely busy during the entire show. The other booths could not believe the attention we received; the product was a complete hit” The product’s attention created interest by some of the largest Lawn and Garden stores in Russia.

The show also caters to the professional landscape market which brought many different government agencies, Landscape Architects and landscape contractors to see how DRiWATER works. The need to establish native plants in Russia cost effectively will highlight DRiWATER’s labor and cost

“I spend time travelling around the world and see more countries establishing forests and native vegetation. The biggest challenge has always been the ability to water these plants consistently until they are established. DRiWATER offers the solution and our product fits in all climates.” said Joe Paternoster, President of DRiWATER.

DRiWATER has developed the commercial and retail market for DRiWATER in the United States and is working in more than 30 countries around the world. DRiWATER is making the lives of homeowners, travellers, and vacationers much easier. The product is also turning deserts into forests, growing food where it was never possible, and is conserving one of Earth’s most precious resources – water.


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