Landscaping is more than just the care and maintenance of a lawn and garden. It is an art form and requires in depth knowledge of climate, soil conditions, and growth variation of an endless amount of plant species.

DriWater is being used today by professionals and novice alike to insure that newly planted perennials, shrubs, or trees are receiving the additional moisture they need to establish. No longer does a homeowner or landscaper need to give those new plantings additional moisture on a daily basis or have to adjust the irrigation system. Just use DriWater around the plant, or in the bottom of the planting hole, at the time of transplant and your new plant is sure to get the right amount of water for the first several months of its life.

Products suited for Landscape/Interiorscape:

All spec units are species dependent and should be calculated from an estimate provided by one of our specialists based on your specific needs.

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