Native vegetation evolves to survive and flourish in native climates, soil types, and ecosystems. Due to lands being disturbed by a variety of events, habitats require either revegetation of those disturbed lands and/or restoration of wildlife habitat. Attaining high survival rates without incurring high expenses for maintenance or replanting due to site failure is a common goal in these projects. The use of DriWater–Plus eliminates the need for hand/truck watering or short-term irrigation, while providing a number of benefits for the overall success of a project:

  • Providing adequate moisture at the time of planting and between 40 and 90 days of continuous moisture directly to the root mass of a transplant increasing the planting window without solely relying on the undetermined onset of the rainy season.
  • The added nutrient zinc and natural plant auxin glacial acetic acid, both contribute to the production of essential growth regulators affecting photosynthesis, and cell elongation which improve root growth 139% over regular watering using potable water.

DriWater is formulated for optimal plant establishment by reducing transplant shock and increasing root growth (see study). It provides continual moisture delivery directly to the root mass without the necessity of a costly drip system or the weekly mobilization of landscape crews to water. Our clients consistently report increased survival rates of transplants using DriWater.

Products suited for rehabilitation:

All spec units are species dependent and should be calculated from an estimate provided by one of our specialists based on your specific needs.

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