Tube & Gel Pac (TG)

Waters up to 90 days

Reusable, recyclable

Permanent delivery system

Low profile for high visibility area

The DRiWATER Solid Tube (TG) efficiently delivers water directly to the roots. The TG offers long term watering with an easy to refill unit that blends with soil and mulch. The Landscapers preferred product for city parks and street trees. There is nothing to vandalize and no need to worry about broken pipes, heads or emitters. Be sure your trees are being watered; use DRiWATER TG for your next project. With its low visibility design, basic food-based ingredients, and ease-of-use, DriWater has become the expert’s choice for watering maintenance.


The DRiWATER Extended Tube & Gel Pac is ideal for:

  • Park & Street Trees
  • City Medians
  • Native Plant Establishment
  • Freeway Vegetation
  • Remote Plantings
  • Xeriscape

How to Use

Dig a planting hole to proper depth for plant.

Water the hole thoroughly. For easy tube filing, remove plastic from Gel Pacs and wet before putting into tubes.

Place plant in hole and install Gel as shown. The bottom of the Tube should be directly against the root mass. When using multiple Tubes, place at equal distance around root mass.

Backfill with soil being careful not to press the DRiWATER out of tube. The top of the cap will be above the soil level. Water again.


DriWater is a 100% natural, non toxic product used for watering plants. It was invented by a well known food chemist who recognized the potential of cellulose gum he was using to thicken peanut butter. He tested and applied his theory that water could be suspended as a gel and released over time as naturally occurring microbes in the soil fed on the cellulose and released the suspended water into the soil.

The patented DRiWATER product is made from 98% purified water and 2% food grade ingredients. The food grade ingredients bind the water into a solid gel that provides consistent subsurface irrigation to plants for up to three months. DRiWATER is not an absorbent polymer nor a wetting agent-DRiWATER is natural and environmentally safe.

Providing continual moisture delivery without the cost and need of installing remote drip systems that have a tendency to malfunction in remote environments due to pests, landslides, and blockages. Our customers have reported increased survival rates of transplants using DriWater in comparison to drip alone.

DriWater is also useful in establishing native plant material where permanent irrigation is not required, and for new plant material in existing landscape areas.


Contains 97.6% potable water 2% cellulose gum, .16% aluminum sulfate, .04% sodium benzoate, .05% acetic acid, and .11% zinc sulfate.


Contains 97.6% potable water 2% cellulose gum, .15% aluminum sulfate, .04% sodium benzoate, .025% acetic acid, .056% zinc sulfate

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